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Year 12 Perspectives Exhibition

This may seem like a small divergence from my usual topics- which tend to largely focus on writing and me. But continue reading- you won’t be disappointed, it still is about me!!

I went to the Year 12 Perspectives Art Exhibition at the Art Gallery of WA. It’s an anuual exhibition of the top artwork from the newly graduated year 12s . WOW. I tell you what we are nuturing some amazing creativity here in WA (cultural mecca of Oz). These kids- mostly around seventeen years old demonstrate fabulous skills, but mostly perceptions about the world that bely their age! I was floored by the depth of thought, the political ideas, the awareness of their world around them. Those critics  who bang on about the self-absorption of teenagers need to check out this artwork- it’s quite humbling!

Anywho, back to me. There was this one piece of work that appealed to me above all others. It was a painting of a woman, with arms like Shiva (plenty of them) each engaged in another activity. Like juggling, ironing etc- all you working parents get the idea! There was the baby in the high chair and through the window was a dog (think Mambo-style) peeing on the laundry on the line, as a bird pooped on it too. Chaos ruled supreme! The painting was called, I think, Super Mum and I wished I remembered the artisit’s name. FANTASTIC! It’s a piece of work I’d love for myself. I stood in front of it thinking “that’s me!!”

Anyway ‘well done you art students’- thanks for the enjoyable exhibition! Back to my ironing and juggling and rollerblading and….