20 thoughts on ““We’re Watching You”

  1. Hi.

    You came 2 my skewl the other day and you told me about your book and I really liked it so I borrowed it instantly. I am only up to page 20 or sumthing and so far I really like it.

    You are very talented.
    from Haylee!!!

  2. Hi kathy, I am trying to listen to the street stories pod cast you recommend and have had no log with pod directories, stret stories web site or the abc mpg/pod download site. Seems the link has been removed from abc sites. Any suggestions for alternative source for download. We have a massive cyber bullying epidemic happening at school and I am trying to find resources for parents as well as ways we can support students at school with this growing problem.

    Thanks 🙂

  3. Hey, I had to read Destroying Avalon for a novel in English… I loved it!!!!! It was one of the BEST books i have ever read! i think that the way you ended the book was so good, it shows everyone what can really happen. it was such a good ending.. but so sad, i cried!

    thank you so much for writing this book, it has really opened up my eyes!!

    From Tiahna

  4. Hi Tiahna,
    Thanks for the comment. It’s a great compliment to be told your book is one of the BEST ever read! I love it!!
    Watch out for In Ecstasy April 2008- a book about teenagers and party drugs…

  5. Hey Miss McCaffery hows it going lol
    wicked books uve wrote, loving them both!!!
    cant wait til the next one…. hahahahahaha 🙂
    ur the best english teacher EVER, go St Stephens

    Dont 4get to comment back, hey hey hey

  6. Hey Jack- one of my fave students ever!! I’m glad you like both of my books (though I’m sure you’ve only read one)!! You know what the next one is about- but we can’t share it on the world wide web now- can we??? That’s our little English class secret. Keep reading and being a great student Jack!!
    Miss Mac

  7. Hello miss Mccaffrey how are you today!!!
    to my well trained brain it seems that you are stating that i have only read one of your books%%%%
    Well you are wrong!!!
    I have also read in ecstacy and found out how nice your writing vocabulary is :s hmmmm…. you know wat i meen!!!!
    now you know that i know how intresting your writing can be when you really put your mind to it maybe you can write a book abot ME HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA im so evil BOO!!

  8. Hey Zach don’t think there is such a thing as American zebras- think all zebras are African- but please correct me if I’m wrong!!!

    And as for you Mister Jack- how did you get your hands on ‘in ecstasy’ (ps, check spelling!!!) you were trying to steal mine the other day!!
    And btw- I think you do have a well trained brain!!

    And like I’ve told both of you I can only write about INTERESTING people!

  9. hahaha lol
    are you saying im not interesting cos that hurts my feelings 😦 im so upset

  10. Hello,
    I just wanted to show my appreciation. You don’t know, how much your book “In Ecstacy” actually in a way helped me. I have friends who are throwing away their lives and I never understood why. Then one day I saw the book in the library and I was drawn to the pretty butterfly on the front cover, I love butterflys ;D, anyway. I read it and thought, so it isn’t as amazing as it is cracked up to be. Sure you get a high, but you also get a fall. And I wondered if thats why my friends who do that stuff come to school looking like crap every Monday. Like, not normal ‘Monday morning sucks’ crap. It’s like a hang-over + PMS + getting 5 after school detentions in a row. But I kinda, in a way, got a glimpse of why they could possibly do it and I’m glad I know now. So I can avoid going down that path.

    So thanks.

  11. hey Kate,
    I’m doing an assignment on your book , ‘Destroying Avalon’ it is a brilliant book and goes into great detail on bullying, even at ages that young. one of my quetsions is, ” how do the themes show the authors attitudes and beliefs?”
    and i was just wondering if any past time events that may have happened to you at that age inspired you to write about it?
    any help would be excellent, thank you!

  12. Hi Kate,
    so I read your book ‘destroying Avalon’ for an assignment for school and I enjoyed reading it very much. And the thing that i like about you the most is that you write books based on problems that teenagers handle like bullying, drugs and such. Can’t wait for more of your books 🙂


  13. Hi, 😀

    You are an awesome writer!!! I’ve read ‘In ecstasy’ and ‘Destroying Avalon’. I LOVE them!!! It touched my heart and it’s like I’m actually in the story with the characters. I’m going to read ‘Beautiful Monster’ soon!!! Are you working on another book or have you stop writing one?

    And thank you for writing these books, you bring inspirations to many, including me!!!

  14. hello
    im from cecil andrews and im reading the book “in ecstacy” for english. the book has so much detail and drama i can’t put it down. it’s truly fantastic and i just want to thank you for helping me get a deeper understanding of teen drug abuse. 🙂

  15. Hey Ms McCaffrey

    This site is just maybe convincing me to read ur books!
    Maybe if I read That Eye, The Sky over the weekend I might have time to read it. Maybe then I’ll finish in time before the next one comes out!

  16. Hello! Just a few questions regarding your novel, Destroying Avalon.

    1. Why is Sukeys mother an alcoholic? Is there a reason as to why, or was it just a bit more information on her character?

    2. For readers of Destroying Avalon, it was an emotional roller coaster. In the process of writing the novel, did you ever have any struggles with finishing such a depressing book?

    3. If you were to experience any moments from the novel as a character would you relive any? Would you do anything differently that might change the ending of the book?

    4. Do you think that Avalon may be somewhat responsible for the death of Marshall? Marshall says that he cannot tell Avalon about his bullying problems, but do you think if she opened herself up to him that this would of stopped the suicidal feelings that Marshall felt.

    5. Did you purposely set up the character Alice to be innocent or did you tweak any ideas of the personality of the character, did you change your mind on the idea of the character at any time of the novel?

  17. Hi Ms McCaffrey

    I’m reading this book for my English class for Novel Study and I gotta say that it’s one of my favourite book of all time. I cried when I read it. It has an important message for High Schools nowadays. I know that Bully exist in every school and societies, but this book took it to the next level. Every students in my English class like this book. Best book ever

    Thanks 🙂

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