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Destroying Avalon is a Talking Book

Well, here’s more good news! I had a phone call the other day from my publisher to tell me Louis Braille Audio Books wish to turn Destroying Avalon into one!! Isn’t that exciting? It means for those who are vision impaired, or don’t like reading (the whole Year 9 cohort at my school!!!) or who are travelling long distances in the car will be able to hear the audio- unabridged version of Destroying Avalon.

I can’t wait to see what it looks like as a CD! (I’m thinking probably round and shiny- but what would I know!) My publisher said they go into production quite quickly- and they get professional actors to read the part- so don’t fear it isn’t me reading it!!!!


I am an Australian author of YA and Adult fiction. My first novel Destroying Avalon (2006) published by Fremantle Arts Centre Press is about cyber bullying.My second novel In Ecstasy (2008) is about friendship and drugs. My third novel Beautiful Monster (2010)focuses on body image . Crashing Down (2014) was my fourth novel and is about teen pregnancy. Saving Jazz (2016), is a novel that looks the world of social media and what happens when your mistakes go viral. In 2019 I released a non-fiction book The (mostly) English Teachers' Survival Guide To Marking which outlines a coded marking and feed-forward system, designed to save teachers about 50% of their marking time. My first adult book Double Lives is being released in 2022. I live in Western Australia, with my husband, two daughters, a cat and two Maltese Shih Tzus.

13 thoughts on “Destroying Avalon is a Talking Book

  1. i read this book in two days, i couldnt put it down.
    it really is a great book and its really educational about the problem of cyber-bullying.
    keep writing books like this one, they will be well recieved!!

  2. Thanks Natalie- I just received the first draft of the cover for my next book In Ecstasy- a story of teenage friendship and drug use. I really liked it too- watch this space for a sneak peek soon!

  3. This book was brilliant!
    I couldnt put it down either, we are doing work on it in my english class.
    We are soize to read chapters but i took it home and read it all.
    I wish there was a movie to it aswell it would be good to watch.
    I think im going to be a big fan of your books Kate =).
    Top job

  4. This book was absolutly fantastic. It is my english classes “selected novel” this term. I started reading it and could not put it down. You did such a great job connecting with the characters that I actually cried when Marshall died.

    I will never forget reading this book

    1. Thanks for the comment Emotional! Though it’s not nice to make people cry- something my Mum taught me when I was young the fact that people care so much about Marshall and what happens to him is very touching. I hope you try my other novel and like it too.

      1. ok, first of all, amazing job with the book, second, you should try and get this book read by more australian kids so they can see that it is bad to bully and be apart of cyber bullying, and third, if this was made into a movie, i could not imagine the amount of praise it would receive as again it would tell these young australians that this sort of thing is not ok and that some parents might actually see that what is going on must be stopped before we even lose some one we love to cyber bullying.

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