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In Ecstasy – the second book

It’s getting closer!

In Ecstasy is working it’s way towards the printers! I’m pretty pleased with the way it’s shaped up and I’m looking forward to galley proof stage.

For those of you who don’t know In Ecstasy is about teenage friendship and the destructive power of drug use. The story is told through the voices of Mia and Sophie, two fifteen year olds who, on a whim, take ecstasy at a party. We then follow their separate journeys. It was a tough book to write, for so many different reasons, but I’m feeling pleased with the shape Janet, Cate and I have so far knocked it into!

Watch this space for more updates!


I am an Australian author of YA and Adult fiction. My first novel Destroying Avalon (2006) published by Fremantle Arts Centre Press is about cyber bullying.My second novel In Ecstasy (2008) is about friendship and drugs. My third novel Beautiful Monster (2010)focuses on body image . Crashing Down (2014) was my fourth novel and is about teen pregnancy. Saving Jazz (2016), is a novel that looks the world of social media and what happens when your mistakes go viral. In 2019 I released a non-fiction book The (mostly) English Teachers' Survival Guide To Marking which outlines a coded marking and feed-forward system, designed to save teachers about 50% of their marking time. My first adult book Double Lives is being released in 2022. I live in Western Australia, with my husband, two daughters, a cat and two Maltese Shih Tzus.

24 thoughts on “In Ecstasy – the second book

  1. Hi Alicia,
    Thanks for your two comments. I’ll address both of them here- Destroying Avalon, after its initial contoversy, has now been accepted by most school libraries. I think only the very fundamental religious schools won’t stock it because it doesn’t fit within their belief system- or their school ethos. Which is perfectly fine- everyone is entitled to live in an environment that they deem safe and appropriate. Having said that Destroying Avalon just won the West Australian Young Readers’ Book Award for the highest ranked book by a WA author- so I get the feeling a lot of readers, like you, have accepted the book. In fact, next week I get to see the latest reprint of DA- it has three awards on the front and a comment from Michael Carr-Gregg (Australia’s leading adolescent psychologist) but I promise to blog about that later!!
    The reason I’ve been slack with my blogging is because I’ve been working on the latest edit of In Ecstasy. In fact I was reading through the hard copy as these comments appeared on my computer screen! It’s not far away!! In fact we will be launching In Ecstasy in late March early April 2008- I am a presenter at All Saints’ Literature Festival here in Perth in April 2008 where advance copies of In Ecstasy will go on sale! I’m not sure how long it takes to reach the other side of Australia- but I’m sure copies will be available around that time!
    Thanks for your comments- I look forward to hearing what you think of In Ecstasy– it seems to have a lot to live up to!!!

  2. Wow! I can’t believe I actually got a comment back from you! I don’t know ANYONE who’s famous who’s done this! Congratulations on all your successes with “Destroying Avalon”! I’m telling all my friends to read it and to look out for “In Ecstacy”! I’m sure it’ll be even better!

  3. I have just finished reading In Ecstasy and I think it is a really interesting book and it shows you how bad drugs are and how they can change your life.

  4. Hi, i’m sophie and i am a huge fan. my mum met when you attended and spoke at a rosalie writers night.i live in perth and attend a perth high school. i have read both your books and loved them so much. i was crying in both of them!!! you are such a good writer and at the moment i am writing an oral assesment on destroyingg avalon. i loved your books and hope there is plenty more to come!!!

  5. Hi Kate!
    I am doing a book review for school on In Ecstasy and i just wanted to know what made you want to write a book about drugs for teenagers to read and know the side effects from taking drugs?

  6. Ive read In Ecstasy, its one of the best books ive ever read. Being 15 myself, opened my eyes to how easy it is for young girls and guys my age to fall into the hands on drugs. I was really engaged within the book, and will be doing a english assignment on it.Well done with In Ecstasy, look forward to reading more of your books to come.
    Thanks, Destinee.

  7. Hi Sophie, Jasmine and Destinee,
    Thanks for your comments. I think a contemporary book about drug use is important for teens to read as it can provide a platform to discuss the issues in a non-threatening, non-judgemental way. I’m glad you enjoyed it. I have just finished re-writing it for the American market, it will be released over there in April 2009.

  8. Hi Kate, my name is Casey Rasmussen and I live in a small town, known as Bordertown, and it is near the border of SA and VIC. I have read both your books and i LOVED them. I am currently reading Destroying Avalon for the third time and I have read IN Ecstast twice. I like the way you use real situations to get the teenage issues across in these novels. I love reading your books, you are a fantastic writer, and i hope you publish more books.

    From Casey

  9. Hi Casey,

    Thanks for the comments! My next book is now called Beautiful Monster. It’s about a girl who suffers tragedy, falls into the grips of an eating disorder and has a terrible, toxic relationship. It will be out in May 2010.

    I hope you look out for it.

    Keep reading!


  10. Thanks Katey,

    I’m so pleased you liked it. Look out for my new book Beautiful Monster- out in May 2010. I think it’s better than In Ecstasy- but I’ll have to wait and see what the public think!!

  11. Hi!
    i actually read in ecstasy for a book report because i found it in the library. i have a question for you, what do you think the main conflict in the story is.
    i think it’s internal but then i though of against other forces.??

  12. I LOVED this book!

    It was SOOO good!

    Awesome way to capture the story…its hard to deal with this kinda issue in real life. I have. I know how hard it is. But the way Ms.McCaffrey captured the essence ofthe problem and found a way to solve it, I was in awe.

    Thank you for writing this.

  13. Hi Kate!
    I have read In Ecstasy and it is by far my most favourite book! I really think it would be a great movie. I just wanted to know if you have considered it being a movie, or if by any chance it is being made into a movie in the near future?

    1. Hi Lauren,

      Thanks for the comment. I would love ALL my books to be made into movies- but unfortunately it”s not up to me- but movie companies.

      For a while there was a film option on Destroying Avalon- but with the Global Financial Crisis it got left behind!

      Who knows? One day- maybe!


  14. Such an amazing book !
    Being a 16 year old my self opens up my eyes to reality of how some teens’ do live and what they can go through daily.
    Deffinetely a favourite without a doubt !

  15. you know what i still cant get over how good destroying avalon was. great job kate you doing very well. write another book. please.
    lisa xx
    ps: you books make me hooked by the end of the first page>>

  16. i’m 16 and the story in this book has been my life for the past 3 months. the drinking parties, drugs, raves. older boys. only being in year 10 myself. this book really opened my eyes. it is a great book. Kate i would like to say thankyou. cause i believe that if i hadn’t read your book i would have ended up dead or in a far worse position. so thankyou. you helped me pull myself out of a rut that was 10 miles deep.

  17. Hey Kate,
    I’m a 15 year old student from Moora high school in Western Australia. I love your book so much. I don’t read many books because I think they’re boring or don’t relate to me. But your book is amazing ๐Ÿ™‚

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