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  1. Kate
    I’m the girl from schoolThat wrote th 15000 page story.
    I finished DESTROYING Avalon within 1 night I got in trouble for staying up late but It was worth it.
    I’m now sitting on a grand total of 60834 hugs.
    I belive that destroying Avalon has an excellent story line and I also believe it is movie worthy (I’d go see it!).
    Kate I now concider you my friend and demand to Know your birthday so I may buy You a birthday present.

  2. Hey Kate, It is your old Coles mate shazza here !!!! how are you?? I have been thinking about you the last few years, what you were up to, & then there is a snap of you in the West book section! So thank God for the internet, I found you here. So glad to hear about your 2 kids & you are still with Jason, sounds like you have a great happy life!! An author! Wow, well done! We have both come a long way from the Wanneroo check-out chicks we were!! I have had a million adventures since our late teenage-hood, travel, work, all that jazz! I am a photographer at The West Australian, have been since 1990. anyway, would love to hear from you, All the best Sharon Smith

  3. Kate,

    At our school Exeter High (Tasmania) all grade 10 english classes have or are reading Destroying Avalon. I was just wondering why you decided to write Destroying Avalon?.
    This book really hit home too me and touched me very deeply, i think this book is truely amazing and would love too see it made into a movie someday!!!! Thankyou for an amazing read!!!

    Cheers Kirsten

  4. Hi Kirsten,
    Thanks for the comment. The reason behind DA was to show the ‘new’ culture of bullying- beyond the traditional type. I hate the idea of anyone suffering in silence- which the whole bullying culture operates under. I wanted to draw attention to the issues and hopefully provide a platform for discussion- in schools and in the general public.
    I’m glad you liked the book. One day I’d love to see it as a film too! Yay for your English teacher for picking such a current and topical book to teach!

  5. hi im in yr nine and we just read ur book and have to do an assignment on it, i was just curious to what lessons can be learned from the book destroying avalon??

  6. Hi Gordon,
    If you’re the same Gordo who emailed me then I’m replying to you twice! I think the lessons someone learns from a book are personal- and the reason why books affect us differently. I would hope that after reading DA people might learn tolerance and understanding… it would go along way to making this world a nicer place to live. And then of course there are the basic lessons about internet safety and not suffering in silence.
    By the way Gordon- I like your initiative- set an assignment, so ask the author!
    Good work!

  7. Hi Kate,
    I saw you on TV a while ago. I was glad to hear you got you book published. I remember the Arts staff lounge and talking about it with our mate,Trudy. Cheers and congrats on your publications.

  8. Hi Lee,
    Nice to hear from you. Thanks for that! it’s been a journey to get here (as you remember) but it’s gathering momentum well now!
    I hope you are well- still with the Department?

  9. OZ’s Dr Phil? I’ve never heard of this bloke Kate, an why h’ain’t he got hizown show here on um.. sbs I guess it would have to be eh.. I heard your interview on abc rad national this morning and decided your book was for my gfs grand daughter 13 that is in custody of her granma, not an ideal set of parents or lifes experience up till now for her and maybe she can curl up with this and pick up a few points for not throwing her life to the winds. Wasn’t in a local bookstore I’m about to find it online or her.
    Enjoyed your interview Kate and your grammatical quirks in the blog… breaks the boredom of being correct all the damn time eh?
    Cheers Neil

  10. Hi, i love you book in ecstasy and the reason i found this website is because know i am doing a book report on it i read it every spare moment i could i have know borrowed destroying avalon from my school library top read that but havent started so much homework!!!

  11. hi kate, i really loved your book your book destorying avalon. i cried and laughed and trust me i dont do that much! i take a great intrest in a story that can actully give you true emotion. your book has helped me thourgh a lot. this may sound completetly wired and i know u will think i am sounding like a girl that wants a pony for christmas but i was woundering if u have ever thought about making derstorying avalon a movie. this sounds really retarded i no! and u would probably need all this equiment that is fairly expensive but i would reaaly love u to show the world ur talent and i know some people that could easily help out with editing, dirrecting and more! if u say that is ok, then i will try my best to see wat there that i can help wit.
    luv maddy

  12. Hi Kate
    Im a big fan of your book Destroying Avalon. I felt it is like a true story becdause im sure alot of kids go through these things or at least think of cyber bulling.
    So what I did was I got inspiration for the book Destroying Avalon by writing a book my self based on Destroying Avalon where a girl gets bullied and I called my book Destroying Jordan. I guess its nothing like yours but it is really based on yours and I got the inspiration from you. So i really want to thank you for writing such a fabulous book!!

    Best Wishes

    ps. Keep Writing!!!!

  13. Hi Elilish, Maddy and Jane,
    Thanks for the kind words and forgive me for addressing you all in one ‘foul swoop’ as a friend of mine would say- because the internet has been down here for over two weeks and it’s the only way to catch up!
    It is a wonderful thing to receive comments like (all) yours about a book- it makes a body feel like they’ve achieved something. So thank you, and thank you again! With regard to film rights we are waiting on MGM or some other big body corporation to knock on the door! Ha! Getting a movie deal from a novel is at best remote and in Australia- remoter still!!!!! I dont think it’s doable. But I would like to let you all know in ecstasy just was bought by a Canadian publisher for North American rights- so you may soon see me leaping on Oprah’s couch!!! Wouldn’t that be a blast!!!
    With regard to being inspirational to your own writing- well higher a compliment could never be paid! So thank you again.

  14. hi Kate

    You were my english teacher in year 8 at wshs (1993)
    I loved my classes with you. you were always so inspiring and easy to relate to. I do remember there were a few difficult boys in our class but you always handled them so well. I’m sure they were frustrating, though! Anyway, i just looked you up on the net to see if i could get anything on you, because you were a favourite teacher of mine and lo and behold! Here you are, a mum and a writer! i am so happy for you! i am going to find DA tomorrow and i look forward to reading it. I really appreciated your kindness and patience when you were my teacher…
    and good luck for the future

  15. Hiya – I read your book and I thought it was really AWESOME! I wish I could write an insparational book like yours! I’m doing an essay on it at schooL~ CAN’T WAIT IT’S GOING TO BE SOO EASY!!

  16. Hi there,

    Great books! My high school classes have loved both ‘Destroying Avalon’ and ‘In Ecstasy’…so much so that I can’t actually get them to STOP reading! Strange phenomenon :p

    Any chance of a study guide for ‘In Ecstasy’ being put onto your site?

    Ta 🙂

  17. Hi Kate my name is Nicole and I’m thirteen and i enjoyed your book on ‘destroying Avalon’ i cried when Marshall had killed himself he was supposed to be the strong one but when he really took the cowardly exit out because he couldn’t cope this book has touched me in many way i will never be the same on the internet but that’s a good thing now i am much safer only talking to my friends and family i feel so sorry fo Avalon even though i haven’t finished i started today and im up to chapter tittle ‘Stick and bones may break your bones…’

    Yours Sincerely

  18. Hi Kate, I absolutely loved “Destroying Avalon” so much that I went out and bought “In Ectasy” and loved it too. I’m dying for your new book and wanted to ask you when it will be released? i can’t wait to read it!!

  19. heyy kate
    my name is Florida and i am 13
    i am also another one of the readers who read “Destroying Avalon”
    i found myself reading it in one night and could not bring myself to put it down….. i absolutely loved it and have read it more than 9 times
    i cried my self to sleep when marshall committed suicide and thought that the jounal bit was awesome
    you really made me want to jump into the book and scream at those boys…. thats want i want to read and it was fun
    i want to thank you on the fact that it is authors like you who make readers like me soo happy and want to keep reading
    thanks for the great read and cant wait to read your other book “In Ecstacy”! xXo ❤ thanks again florida

  20. Hi i’m Aubree,
    im 14 and love your books so much!
    I just finished Beautiful Monster (read it in 2 days, could’nt put it down!) ,i’ve read destroying Avalon which was such a tear jerker 😦 and now im chasing down in ecstacy. I was wondering if your planning on writing any more books anytime soon coz i’m desperate 😀

  21. My apologies to anyone I haven’t return commented to! My email address changed and so I wasn’t getting notification from this site when someone had commented! I’ve been really slack! My bad.

    Thank you all for the kind words and I’m so happy that you all have been encouraged to keep reading. I have put up information about Beautiful Monster and hope to address all the questions- teacher’s notes etc that you have.
    Check back- will spring clean the site!

  22. hi my name is dana im 13 yrs old and i just finishd reading destroying avalon yesterday and my god did i cry. im normally not affected by books and movies but this book realy got 2 me. i absolutely love this story and hope it is made a movie. this book has so much emotion and everyday problems in it that almost scared me realising that it could be happening to sum1 in the world which is heartbreaking and i wuld like 2 no wat ur insperation 4 this story was

  23. Dear Kate.
    I was curious as to whether you would be releasing another book?
    After reading the amazing two books, “Destroying Avalon” and “In Ecstasy,” ii really don’t want to stop.
    I very much enjoy what you write. It’s so realistic, and in many ways, hit’s home.

  24. Hello my name is Erica,
    I am currently studying ‘Beautiful Monster’ as a year 12 text. I was wondering if you could explain what techniques you used through out this novel to develop such experiences so realistically. Also what was your purpose to presenting this issues to a target audience. It would be really helpful if i could have a reply, thankyou.

    1. Hi Erica,

      I guess the techniques used to create realism are the same as those all other authors use- observation and empathy. Often as writers we experience events or witness others doing so and observe the emotions, reactions and actions. With regard to the eating disorder in BM I had a friend who suffered one and for years watched the way she avoided and hid the issue. I also researched a lot of sufferers and one thing they all had in common was the same “voice”- the one of disapproval and condemnation, the one that always told them they were no good, or if they listened they would be better and perfect. It was from this research that Ned was born.

      The purpose of presenting these issues was to generate awareness- for those suffering, they are not alone and this doesn’t have to continue, for those observing this happening to someone- that its not a deliberate choice to use food to create control- it is in fact a mental disease. I hoped to shed light on the subject and hopefully generate discussions.

      I hope this helps.
      Have a great Christmas,


  25. Hey Kate,

    So you have sold rights for In Ecstasy to make a movie. That is awesome! Is it going to be filmed in Perth? Would love to have updates about auditions and things. Thanks x

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  27. Kate. You’re book literally brought me to tears. Destorying Avalon made me utterly depressed (in a good way!!) because it finally occured to me the seriousness of bullying. I have been a victim of bullying before, but my issues weren’t as bad as the events that took place in your book. I am a year nine student and have been studying this novel for a full term and enjoyed every moment of it. When Marshall was in that much pain and kept it to himself…. well it really opened my eyes. It has truly effected me and I am very thankful that you wrote such a masterpiece! I’m now writing an essay on your story – hopefully I do it justice! 🙂

  28. also, addition to what I previously wrote:

    – Do you believe that if Avalon had the chance to rewind everything and change the way she approached the bullying, she would, if so, what do you think she would do instead?

    I have written what I think she would do but I would love to hear your perspective!
    thankyou in advance 🙂

    1. Hi Elise,

      Thanks for the email. I know studying novels can ruin them, so I’m really glad to hear that you are enjoying it. If Avalon could do it all again I’d like to think she’d have told her Dad. They had a close relationship and he gave her a few opportunities to open up. He would have then helped her through it all and maybe the attack on Marshall wouldn’t have occurred.

      Sadly, I think unless you are exposed to bullying, by being the victim, or a close friend of a victim you never believe this is the right choice until after the fact. When you realise it was really the only thing to do!

      Good luck with the assignment, Cheers Kate

      1. Thankyou very much for your reply! That is very similar to what I wrote and yes I believe you are right! I wish Avalon would have spoken to her Dad also, since he seemed very hurt at one stage. See how much I love this book 😛
        Thanks again, will certainly be reading more of your books!

  29. Hi Kate.
    Been studying your book for English this term also, and just wanted to tell you what a great book it was! 🙂 The way you described Avalon’s feeling were so detailed which kept me intrigued – I could barely put it down. Basically thankyou for writing this amazing book!

  30. Hi Ms. McCaffrey,
    Just thought I would let you know that Mr.Piruk decided to discuss your teaching methods in homeroom this week, he explained how you wrote a lesson plan
    “Talk to students about my book,
    Make fun of child,
    Talk about school,
    Insert witty comment,
    Oh, he also said it’s Savannah’s fault when you don’t get a lesson plan done 😉
    That man really should be a comedian.

  31. Hi Ms McCaffrey!
    I read Destroying Avalon and took my feet off and put them in the pond, yes thats right, I physically took off my feet. I also cut off their bushes and threw them in the forest!
    We love your books, when we read them we can smell you 😉 No but seriously, we love your books and find them so inpirational! Our english 2CD class wouldn’t be the same without your hilarious stories!
    We love you, but not in that way if your know what were getting at 😉
    Thanks for everything, you’re the best!

    Love Jen and Morgan ❤

  32. Hi China,

    In regard to your recent claim that you are in fact China, we would like to inform you that geography says otherwise. We have placed a large doubt in your claim that you are the world’s second largest land mass that houses the People’s Republic of China, and want to get across to you that you do not fit the description above.


    Hu Jintao
    President of The Real China (People’s Republic of China)

    p.s You are not God either like you just claimed.

      1. I do not understand what you find so humorous about this comment, national security is a serious issue.


  33. Hi Kate!

    Not sure if you remember as this was early last year, but you had a difficult and lazy prac teacher who had problems with dress standards called Will Barker. Well here I am again all the way in Kununurra with the crocodiles teaching the most difficult students I’ve ever had and having an absolutely awesome time. My kids absolutely love your books! a class filled with disengaged fourteen year old girls and suddenly they’re taking Destroying Avalon home to read! Absolutely fantastic. Thinking of ordering In Ecstasy and Beautiful Monster in, and my line manager is all for it. Picked up In Ecstasy myself out of curiosity and you really hit the nail on the head with that one. I try to read the most lauded authors I can, and the most challenging texts I can find, but this is the first novel I’ve read in ages I could really relate to. I could see a lot of myself and my close friends in that book, unfortunately we never had the ‘good’ ending and all the footy players I know are the biggest fiends out. Hope everything’s all cool at Carramar, I get to grow my hair as long as I like, wear polo shirts and shorts to school up here which is pretty rad. Something to be said for public schools hahaha. Anyway thanks for writing the awesome texts, keep em coming

  34. Hey kate, just writing in to let you know that i absaloulty love your style of writing. i’ve read all three of your books and have loved them all and can not wait till you realase some more. im not quite a big reader but after my school librarian reccomend your book ‘destroying avalon’ to me i just had to read more. i really like how you can make the stories seem so real and really relate it to real life problems. can’t wait to read more your books! thanks 🙂

  35. Hi Kate
    I just finished reading destroying Avalon , it is a very touching book
    some of those things actually happened to me ( the feel of it happening is awful )Hope you are writing more books because they are fantastic , I am still bawling my eyes out , I hope that if this has happened to anyone out there my best wishes and prays are with you .
    From Ally

  36. Hi Kate
    I’m writing an assignment on your book Destroying Avalon and was wondering why you wrote this because it is quite sad and emotional about what people could do over the internet or any type of technology. thanks heaps Shannae

  37. Hey Kate!
    Was wondering if u had any new books coming out or are in the prosses.
    Will they be anything like “destroying avalon” or ” in ecstasy”??? I love then and could read them a million times over

  38. Hi Kate! I’m now reading your books, totally in love! Just wondering in ‘Beautiful Monster’ is Ned and Tess dating or just bestfriends? I’m a bit confused on Neds character.. 🙂

  39. Kate, as an assignment we are making a movie of Destroying Avalon! We are so excited, despite having to cut half the book and many characters from lack of resources. We are hoping to get it done by December. We would love for you to see it.

      1. Also, we were wondering, is the Sukey pronounced “sookie” or “sue-key”, because it just came up in my head as “sue-key” but I’m almost sure it sounds like “sookie” in Polly Put The Kettle On.

  40. Hi im doing a class speach on you and the books you have wrote, i was just wondering what inspired you to start writting? And also, how did you get the ideas to write those books? Were they issues you have been through or thought up ideas? Thanks

  41. Hey Kate!
    I hope you got my email. I’m not sure if the one there is actually yours or not. But hopefully you did get it. It would mean so much if you took a bit of time and reading it.

    In reckon Destroying Avalon would be a hit if it became a movie. It’ll teach others that are getting bullied (like me) to stand up for themselves and ignore those haters. Since a lot of this has been happening nowadays, this is the perfect time to start.

    Can’t wait to read more of your books! Looking foward to them!
    -Runda 🙂

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  43. This is brilliant! really cannot believe this is going on in todays world. I am so glad I was not standing. I have asked what will happen now?! Anyway I will keep track of what is going on and what the future lies.

  44. Hello Kate,

    I’m a exit year student at Lesmurdie Senior High School (Western Australia). You came to our school two years ago when you were talking about Destroying Avalon. We just finished reading In Ecstasy in English, along with this we had a film cover assessment and now a creative writing test. As a part of this test, I was wondering if Mia’s father had a name? If so, what is it?

    1. I believe it is Matthew- or Matt (p210)- I had to check! It’s been a while! Hope Yr 12 is going well for you! KMac

  45. Hi Kate,

    I have just read your book ‘Destroying Avalon’ and let me just say it was extremely well-written and had a powerful message. I cannot stop crying still, as it really hit home hard. When you described avalon, i really felt like you were describing me. Average looking, brown hair with natural highlights etc. I have also recently moved from a country, surf town like grace point to a mature private school in Perth. Also, where you mentioned Marshall had his funeral was where my grandad was buried, so it brought back memories. I’d just really like to thank and applaud you. It made me think about the consequences of bullying and even though I have never or will never bully someone, your book just made the consequences of it all so much clearer for me, and it can become so serious that people can take their own lives. I had to read this novel for school, but I’m truly glad I did read it. thankyou.

  46. Kate – I am an English teacher at Ashdale. My Y10s are loving ‘Destroying Avalon’.

    I was hoping (praying) you might be able to spare about 40 minutes of your precious time to come and talk to our kids. We are trying to improve their literacy (with some success) but to meet and talk to you in person would be great for them.

    Please let me know if you can help.

    Niall Mulligan

  47. Hi Kate

    My name is Alicia, your cousin from England. I am The youngest daughter of John and Anita, a fellow bookworm and a huge fan of destroying Avalon.

    I really had not expected to enjoy the book so much given that it was aimed at teenagers and young adults. I was gripped from the outset and found it very thought provoking and emotive.

    It must be a a McCaffrey trait. I love reading and my husband has been trying to persuade me to put pen to paper for years. It is quite the inspiration to know that my cousin on the other side of the world is enjoying such success.

    I could not get in touch without mentioning Uncle Michael. I was lucky enough to spend time with him a few times in recent years during visits with my mum and dad. I am so sorry. He was wonderful and my dad was devastated. Please send my love to everyone especially your mum.

    Take care and keep writing. I wish you all the success in the world and will certainly be reading more from Kate McCaffrey.

    Lots of Love

    Alicia x x x

    1. Hi Cousin,
      I know it’s been a long time since you posted this but as you can see I’m not the world’s greatest blogger! Thank you for your words of praise and my new book “Crashing Down” is about to be released here in Oz in August. I hope you read it- it will be available as an E-Book- check out Fremantle Press’s website. I may be in the UK soon- and if I am I will certainly catch up with you all. As you know Aunty Pat died last month- same disease my Dad and Aunty Bridget died from. I am thankful Uncle John and Aunty Betty dodged that loaded gun.
      Anyway, I hope you are all well. I look forward to a meeting in the not too distant future. And as a McCaffrey you have an obligation to your husband, and more importantly your country (Ireland- the Land of Saints and Scholars) to get that pen on paper. If your cousin in the convict colonies can- so can you!
      Take care. My love to all

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    1. Hi Jakob,
      Yes Miss Mac is based upon the same Ms Mac- or Mac -as we now know her who works at Wanneroo SHS. Denise MacGuiness was my English teacher for most of my years at WSHS and along with Glenn Capelli- another WSHS English teacher- two of the most influential people in my career.

      (also an English teacher)

  49. Hi Kate
    I read Destroying Avalon as an english assignment and it was the best assesment item i have ever recieved in all my years of schooling. After the brilliant storyline of the novel i began hunting for more of your books. I have just finished Beautiful Monster in one day and am now onto crashing down and will be finding, in ecstasy. While searching online to find more books i was dissapointed in only being able to
    find the ones i am currently reading and am curious to know if you have any upcoming books as the way you write just keeps me mezmorized word by word? I have never been so inspired by any stories like yours and am really looking forward to anything else you have coming if you do!

  50. How do you get the film of destroying Avalon I have looked and looked is there a particular shop or something where I can get it.
    I’m twelve and read the book loves it and the girls and I all decided for me to see if destroying Avalon was a movie too because we read the book for literature circles and just absolutely loved your book it really stole our hearts and touched us we would love to watch the movie if you know whee we could get it ( the movie ) it would be much appreciated so please reply?!!!!….

  51. Hi Kate,
    I’ve just read Crashing Down and loved it. I do book reviews for Gold Coast Writers, PIO and have sent of my review for them to put in upcoming issues. Can I send you a copy? I have posted a brief review on Goodreads. I have already ordered Destroying Avalon from my local library and look forward to reading that shortly. I review Australian authors and was drawn to your book by the cover and the fact that McCaffrey is also the name of my favorite scifi fantasy author Anne McCaffrey.

    1. Thank you very much Jill. Of course I would love to read your review. An interesting note is that my mother’s name is Ann McCaffrey- and she once met Anne McCaffrey- who signed her book “From one Anne McCaffrey to another Ann McCaffrey”

      1. Hi Kate,
        Your mum must be really happy with that, I’m so jealous. Anne McCaffrey is my all time favorite author.
        Can you let me have your email address.
        Ta Jill

  52. Hi Kate, I absolutely LOVED your book- Destroying Avalon. I finished it in one day. The only bad thing about it is that I couldn’t put it down. I really hope it gets made into a movie someday and I want you to know that you’re my favourite author and I want to be just like you when I am older.

  53. Hello Kate, My name is Lisa Desjarlais and I am currently a grade 10 student at Ecole Plamondon School. I have read your book “In Ecstacy” many times and have recommended it to many of my friends For them to read it and they had the same feedback. High school is when reality kicks in, everything in your book is relatable for many kids in my school and most likely every other. Our school lacks opportunists to anything and everything due to the lack of funding and the fact that EPS is located in a very small town north of Alberta. It is us students that step up and try to make things happen here, so that’s why I am writing this today. It’s a long shot but if there was any chance/possibility that you could present at our school I think it would be great! If it’s money your worried about we could fundraise and many other things. I know this is Very unlikely but it was worth a shot. Sorry for the lack of professionality in this email/comment.

  54. Hi Kate!
    I’ve read Destroying Avalon and In Ecstasy they are my favourite books. I can’t wait to read beautiful monster and crashing down! Your very inspiring and a great writer. If I ever go to Perth I would love to visit you. I am very excited for Saving Jazz to come out this year is there anything you can tell me about?

  55. Hi Kate, I read your first book and all your other books.. I love them. I am excited about the new book being launched in July.
    Lots of love Mum xxx. Grin.

  56. I don’t even know how to start this if you are reading this Kate, you are my favourite authour and inspire me. I’ve so far read Destroying Avalon, In ecstasy, Beautiful Monster and Crashing down. I’ve read Destroying Avalon twice!! I am very excited for Saving Jazz to come out in August. Your truly great at writing novels and I hope you will always write. If you are reading this and are willing to reply that would be the most amazing thing ever. I mean if I ever even got your signature I would hang it on my wall. I would love to send you a letter or write to you. Keep doing what your doing.
    Eliza Humphrey

    1. Hi Eliza,
      Thank you for the kind words- you are the reason I write! I love getting responses from my target audience. I am launching Saving Jazz in perth in August 2016- then in October I’m on a national tour. Where are you in the country- I might be doing talks there soon.
      Please keep reading!

      1. Hello Kate, I live in Ballarat Victoria. I would love to know if you are doing talks some where close near me. It would be a gift I could her one of your talks. Thank you so much for replying I am over the moon with excitement

  57. Dear Kate
    My name is Cassie and I’m a student at the Wodonga Flexible Learning centre. I’m writing to you because I’m inspired by your books.
    The first book I read was In Ecstasy. I find this book important to teenagers like myself because it teaches you about the negative and positive side of the drugs and the effects on individuals and on their family and friends. I have personally been through a similar situation where this has happened and If I had read the book In Ecstasy at the time it would have changed my point of view towards things.
    The second book that I read was Crashing Down. The message I got from that book was that life is too short to be wasted. It gives a valuable message to teenagers to be safe before driving by not being under the influences of drugs and not to be peer pressured by anyone. Again I have been in a car where the driver was under the influence of alcohol and drugs and the book Crashing Down shows how dangerous it can be to drive under the influence of drugs and peer pressure and also how some people are lucky to escape.
    The third book that I read was Destroying Avalon. the message I got from this book was strong it shows you the consequences to bullying and the effects bullying does have on people. I’ve known people who have been bullied and watching the effects it not only on them but the people around them.

    I’m looking forward to reading Beautiful Monster and Saving Jazz
    Since you have covered the topics bullying, drugs and dangerous driving I would really like you to consider writing about teenage homelessness . Also I know you have written In Ecstasy but I believe there should be a book for teenagers in situations where the parents or family members are using drugs and the consequences it has for them.
    Thanks again

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